Sunday, March 1, 2009

We All Have Our Gifts

Saturday my son and I went to Lowes to a "Build and Grow Clinic" This is where other Dads, Moms, sons and daughters go to build something. Lowes provides the kit , the work apron and the goggles for the child. We built a race car yesterday. Okay, maybe build is too ambitious of a word; we "assembled" a pre-made car kit. But, guess what my son thought I was a hero.

If you know me , you know I am not mechanically inclined. I am wired to think, write, and speak in a public setting, but I will never be accused of "building" anything. You know what I am okay with that. I realize that my talents are different than the next guy.

Let us embrace our strengths in the body of Christ, and accept our differences. What a difference that would make. I may not be able to build things, or fix things but there are others that are willing to show me how.

Here it is. Know your limitations, ask for help and share your talents. This is really how a family works. Let's "build" something together for the Kingdom of God.

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  1. Pastor, I think you are right WE need to build, or rather rebuild something together. I feel that the Church as " We the People" should become a bit more proactive concerning our elected officials. Occasionaly they need to be reminded that they work for US not the other way around, and that WE need to start rebuilding OUR Country. OK enough soap box for today.
    TTFN and May God Bless.
    Lynn Talbot