Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Greatest Team

Throughout my Bible College experience I was warned about "Demon Boards", and I approached ministry fearfully wondering how I would deal with these "demons". It turns out that my fears were unfounded. I have been involved with five different churches and I can say none of those men qualify as "demons". Now I understand that there are exceptions to my ministry experience, and yes some people are not going to be forced into what ever the Pastor wants. With that said I want to share with you some things that have helped me in working with Boards as a Pastor.

1. My ideas are not always the best ideas: I may feel that God has spoken to me, but God has placed these men as a multitude of counselors. I should listen to them.

2. I don' t work independently of my Board: I let them know what I am doing, and where I believe God is leading our church. I tell them of expenses that are upcoming, and I follow the standards that have been set at our Board Meetings.

3. I admit when I am wrong: There is nothing more healing than to say "I'm sorry, would you forgive me?" I try to handle situations properly, but when things don't go as well I tell the Board what happened and why.

Let me close by saying I am privileged to work with men who love God, and the people who God loves. These men are not lackeys, manipulators, or even "demons" they are co-laborers with me.
The greatest team is not the one that is most like you, it is the team that challenges you to think about the business of the church.

Let me give a shout out to Roland Hansen, Josh Madsen, Robert Pruneda, and Rey Garza. I love you guys, and I am glad we are laboring together in Warden.

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