Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sending Philip

Today it was my joy to Commission Philip Reed to the ministry from our church. Most of you know that Philip has assisted me at this church, and has done this for about a year now. There is no doubt that he will be missed, but we are thrilled that he is taking advantage of a ministry opportunity that is placed before him.

Philip will be traveling along with David Woods as his personal assistant, this is a role that he is fitted for. Philip is such a servant, and will be a great help to David Woods. I have seen Philip so much in the year since we began meeting weekly. I have grown and have been mentored as well in areas of technology and general cultural awareness. So, Philip if you are reading this; thank you for all that you have been doing. I wish you well in the journey you are undertaking. You will do a great job, I know it.

It has been said that a church should be known for its sending capacity and not its seating capacity. I hope that our church is able to send young men and women out to embrace the call of God on their lives. This calling may not be ministry as a vocation, but whatever we put our hand to in the name of the Lord;that is our calling.

Let me challenge you to encourage those around you to be filled with the purpose and plans of God. Your town will never be the same.

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