Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marriage is God's Plan

This day marks 14 years that my wife and I were married in the Hermiston Assembly of God in Hermiston, Oregon. The day that we got married was a beautiful day, and a day that promised good things. Well, these many years later we have four kids and we are involved in the ministry in Eastern Washington. And we are very satisfied with where we are at present. Let me tell you why I believe marriage is God's plan.

1. It was the first institute that was established in the Garden of Eden
2. It was God who recognized that it is not good for man to be alone
3. It was Jesus who performed His first miracle at a wedding in Cana

There is no threat to me about people who don't believe in marriage, or don't practice marriage. For those who are happily married, they know what I mean. When you have experienced (or are presently experiencing) the blessings of marriage you shake your head when people try to find another way around God's plan. Whether it is same sex marriage or people living together, the blessings of God are only experienced through obedience to His Word.

May we find our lives blessed and abundant as we follow the ways of the Lord. BTW, I found a good wife and I am not looking for another.

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