Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I had the privilege of helping to pour the sidewalk at our church. There were 7 other guys who were here and helped. I was just helping anyway I could. I felt as Pastor that if I ask people to help with the sidewalk, I should be there willing to help. So I was there and I was pleasantly surprised when other men whom I did not call from the church showed up to help with the job. The old saying "many hands make light work" was true today. Here is the lesson I learned today.

The power of teamwork is what makes work go faster and more enjoyable. This project by ourselves seemed overwhelming, but with the right people with the right experience it was enjoyable. The Body of Christ needs to learn the lesson of teamwork, it is not about big "I" and little "you". What we should be about is getting the job done, and helping no matter what we are asked to do.

Someone asked if I wanted my name in the sidewalk and I said no. Because I did not do it by myself. It was the team. To use John Maxwell's saying, "teamwork makes the dream work."

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