Thursday, March 12, 2009

God's Plan

I am amazed by the plan of an almighty and loving God. Just think about where you would be if you were not the subject of the Creator of the universe. I was thinking about this when I looked at the doom and gloom forecast that is a part of the news media. Let me encourage you today.

Your life is not an accident, or is it a series of random choices. Your life was mapped out before you were born and is the best plan for your life. Your life was meant to be lived on purpose. You and I were not supposed to meander aimlessly hoping to find some fulfillment in vain pursuits. Sometimes it is easier to "veg out" and not face our problems. This is the problem, your difficulties are still just as bad as they seemed before you "vegged out". The only way to face your problems is head on and with the comfort and assurance of an Almighty God.

God still cares about what you are worrying about. God cares about you because He made according to His plan.

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