Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Should I Vote?

If you haven't voted, you should do so. I found this from the League of Women Voters in Florida Here are the reasons below:
 To speak your mind
 To make politicians listen
 For your children
 For your community
 For yourself
 To honor history
 To control your future
 To stop something
 To start something
 To win
--Copied from TSU Website

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What God Has Promised

"The fist of the wicked
will never violate
What is due the righteous,
provoking wrongful violence." (Psalm 125:3The Message from

Since we are close to mid term elections I thought I would encourage you. The truth is that God is in control. It may seem that things in our world are spinning out of control, but I am sure that felt that way during many other times in history. When God says it is enough, then it is enough.

It is easy to be provoked to try to take things in your hand, but don't be fooled God knows better. God has promised that the ungodly forces in this world can never cancel out or trespass upon what God has in store for you and me. Don't worry, just trust God.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soothing Oil

Have you ever been told that you are a smooth talker? Or that you have a silver tongue? Not sure what to do or say? Good because the Bible has some advice for you.

Those with the most convincing way could also be the person that is hiding a heart of strife or violence. The book of Psalms chapter 55:20-21 describes such a person. Here is the description.
  • They attack their friends
  • They don't keep their word
  • Their speech is as smooth as butter, yet war is in their heart
  • Their words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords.
Our greatest desire should be people who season our words with grace, not people with persuasive words

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why You Should Fear God

I hope this title doesn't catch you off guard. I remember the first time I heard the above phrase "Fear God" that I was unsure of its meaning. It would help to know that to fear God is actually a good thing as long as you are His Son or His daughter. Why fear God? Because He is all powerful and is able to control everything that surrounds my existence. Because He is God and I'm not!

In Psalms 25:12-13 the writer gives several benefits to fearing God, they are as follows:
  • God will instruct you as you follow His path
  • God will cause you to spend your days in prosperity
  • God will cause your descendants to inherit the land (they will be the winners)
You know when you look at the above mentioned list, fearing God sounds like the best thing you and I can do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fruit of the Kingdom

This morning I was reminded that God doesn't need me. That's right He doesn't need you either. That doesn't sit well does it? The truth is that God doesn't need me but He loves me!

God could have decided that angels would extend His kingdom or animals or whatever else He deemed right. The point being that we are replaceable. Is that a word? Well okay we can be replaced. God wants us and loves us but if we refuse to do it His way, then He will get someone else to do it. I am referring to Matthew 21:43 where we are told that is looking for a people that will produce the fruit of the Kingdom.

God has been so gracious that He would allow us to be a part of His plan, now all He is asking for is obedience. Are you ready to obey?