Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reaching Students

Last night my wife and I had the privilege of attending a Young Life banquet. This was a banquet to show the ministry to students in the Mid Columbia Basin, encourage investment in this ministry and to cast vision for what the future holds. Our connection with Young Life is through our dear friends Josh and Amree Madsen. Josh and Amree are the Young Life coordinators for Warden. They are doing a great job to reach students. Since our town is rural, Youth Ministry is real difficult given our unique situation. My wife and I support the ministry of Young Life and direct students to be a part of this ministry. Let me talk to you about Young Life for a moment.

Young Life is very similar to Campus Life or Campus Crusade for Christ, or even Inter varsity. It is a para church organization that is non-denominational and crosses many barriers that the local church has to overcome. In our situation we don't have a Youth Pastor, but we love youth. It is a no brainer, get involved with Young Life. I have attended the meetings and just asked to to help any way I can, and have found this most rewarding. In our area there is no greater means to reach students, and I want to reach students. Young Life is a breath of fresh air in an area that has been passed over by the big Youth Ministries.

Warden is a better place because of the dedication of the Young Life staff.I am biased but I think Josh and Amree Madsen are the best of the best. They love students and they love God. What more could you ask for?

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