Friday, February 27, 2009

Keep the Sabbath

Today was my day off. I know everyone has a day off, right? Well at least that is the plan. Let me ask you a question, do you take full advantage of your day off? I mean are you giving your family your best or are you giving them what is left over? Not meaning to be unkind, but the point of a day off is to spend time with your family. If I look at "my day off" as my time, I will be upset if my wife or kids ask to go or do something. So, I decided that on Friday's(when I am in town) to make this a time for family. This is the reason that I don't make Monday's my day off. After a long day of preaching, meetings, and general "church business" I feel like a wet dishrag. I want to give my family my best. I want to make this a time that I linger in conversation with my wife, and I want this to be a time where I can help my wife with the house or any other project. This doesn't sound spiritual, does it? Actually God planned it this way.

We must take one day off a week to rest and restore our depleted energy. God knows that we are driven people that burn the candle at both ends. That is why He reminds us to keep the sabbath. The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. God wants us have one day where we can rest and spend time developing closer relationships. By the way men, watching ESPN with your wife or family member does not qualify for quality time.

As a Pastor I can't take Sunday as my sabbath. As a matter of fact Sunday is the only day I work LOL!! All kidding aside it is a work day, so I must find another day to enjoy the sabbath. Here is the only problem, sometimes my day off is consumed doing a church ministry trip. Not that I am complaining, but sometimes the schedule of the church causes me to "miss" my day off. This doesn't happen often, but when it does I really look forward to my next day off.
Here is the point, make sure you take one day off a week and enjoy the sabbath. God made it just for you.

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  1. Your faithfulness, not only to God, but to your family is inspiring. You are one of the few who leads by example, I encourage you to keep it up!