Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Truth About A.I.D.S.

Today we had Nancy Valnes come and speak to our church. Nancy is a Global Aids Partnership Educator. She travels to churches and places where there is very little knowledge about A.I.D.S. She has a passion to explain to people that A.I.D.S. is not a curse from God, but is rather a consequence from making sinful lifestyle choices. These choices could be men having sex with other men, or prostituted women who have contracted the disease from one or more of the "clients" that pays for her service. The devastating thing about A.I.D.S. is that it is a reality that we all must face. I realize that is a big statement. But here is a statement that the church needs to hear.

The church needs to confront this disease (and those who are affected) with the proper knowledge of the transmission of the disease, and with the love of Jesus. It is not enough to condemn their lifestyle choices, we must be willing to love them and walk with them through the pain and eventual death that this disease brings.

The truth about A.I.D.S. is that this is not a curse from God, but an opportunity for the church to share the love of Jesus with those who need it most.

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