Friday, May 29, 2009


Today I was weeding around the house, and I noticed that these weeds were difficult to pull out. Somehow I don't remember planting those weeds, and then I remembered I didn't plant those weeds, they just popped up. Weeds are things that you don't have to plant. There is not much effort required in "raising weeds" all you have to do is nothing. The problem is that most of the weeds in my yard started out rather small, and are now quite large. These weeds have big roots and are stubborn to pull out of the ground.

I know you are way ahead of me. The correlation with our own heart is similar to the weeds around my house. I have three suggestions for you to eliminate the weeds in your life.
  • Pull out the weeds when they are small
  • Weed every day
  • Apply weed killer (God's Word)
If you will take care to weed out the little things in your life your heart will be a flourishing garden full of the fruit of the Spirit

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