Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Am I?

Today my thoughts were turned to the Casting Crowns song "Who Am I?" I was thinking about how God has been so good to me and I don't even deserve it! Click on the play button and listen to the words of the song, and see if you don't have a fresh appreciation for the goodness of the Lord.

I was reminded of the goodness of the Lord as I spoke with some dear friends in Louisiana. They were like parents to me and I was like their son. We are still very close, even though we live in different states. Memories flooded in on me of the times with their kids (they are grown now) and times at their house. Here was a college student who had been adopted and loved by people that had such big hearts. There was a time that I eventually spent every weekend with them at their house. I left my toothbrush there and had a spare change of clothes. What would possess a 20 something college student to drive 120 miles round trip every weekend? Relationship. I meant something to them and their family. I was not just the Youth Pastor, I was a part of their family. It was in those moments that I realized that God's goodness is expressed through other people. I remember many a times receiving a "Pentecostal handshake" (this is when money is given to another person by shaking their hand) just when I needed it. God was meeting my needs and He was using my friends. There was another time that my refrigerator was empty (good time to fast, right?) and my friends found out. They called me up and said that they wanted to fill up my freezer. I had been praying to the Lord that morning that He would provide, and then my friends call! So we went to one of those warehouses, and they bought me chicken, meat, etc. I was so blessed. One more instance. I remember moving from Baton Rouge to Amite to be the Youth Pastor, and live next to the church. I was working at a grocery store, and I didn't have any dishes, utensils, or cookware. Well when I came home from work there was dishes, utensils, and cookware sitting in my parking spot. I could go on for hours, but suffice it to say I didn't deserve any of these blessings. But my God is a good God, and that's what He does; He takes care of His children.

How about you? Are you facing a tough time right now? Turn to the Lord and He will meet your need. There's an old song, I believe it is called "Only Trust Him". The song says "Come every soul by sin oppressed there is mercy in the Lord, and He will surely give you rest by trusting in His Word." Trust Him today because He loves you!

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