Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Jesus Says About Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. The Obama White House broke with tradition and did not "celebrate" this day of prayer. This however means that we still have the privilege and responsibility to pray for the President and his administration. Although there are many areas in which I do not agree with this administration, I must pray for my leaders. With all that said, what does Jesus have to say about prayer? Here are His words from Matthew 6:5-7
  • When (not if ) you pray, don't pray to impress other people
  • When you pray find a secret place to talk to God
  • When you pray resist the temptation to use big words to "impress" God.
  • When you pray know that God knows what you need before you ask.
Prayer is a subject that is talked about more than it is practiced. But prayer is something that once is practiced is a joy to the one praying.

I know we single out today as the day of prayer, but let us treat everyday as if our life depended on it.

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