Monday, May 11, 2009

Miracle on Mother's Day

Yesterday my Sister-in-Law Diane spoke on Mother's Day. Diane is a godly mother of five children, the oldest is a senior this year. What a testimony her and her husband have in the town in which they live. They have consistently stood up for godly principles even when it was not popular. They have raised their kids in the ways of the Lord, and they are committed to living out the words of Jesus. The service yesterday was great. The worship was great, the testimonies were encouraging and it was only 10:50! Let me explain.

As I walked to the platform for prayer time I sensed that the Lord was wanting to touch some people. Yesterday during the prayer time we had several people who received a healing in the service! One lady said that she had hearing problems in her left ear, and that morning had a terrible roaring in her ear. During the prayer time she felt a pop and knew that the Lord had healed her! The other lady said that the Lord was ministering to her emotionally, as she had a decision to make. She said through tears that the Lord gave her direction. This all took place before Diane got up to speak.

When Diane spoke there was a sweet presence of the Lord that could be felt in the room. It was as if though the Lord was infusing those present with strength. The words that she spoke were so accurate, and so encouraging to those who were present. So what was the miracle?

The miracle was life change. Whether it was direction, healing or encouragement to be a godly mother; lives were changed yesterday.


  1. Hey Pastor John! This is Maritza, I'm excited to say I'm a follower of your blog!hahah. Thank you very much for keeping me in your prayers because of my fracture. God is giving me such a pleasant peace in my heart and mind because eventhough I'm off of school for more than 2 weeks, I know HE is here!

    Take Care, May God Bless you and your family!
    Hasta Luego!
    Maritza L.

  2. Oh.hahha. Hadn't noticed that an old error of mine still haunts me!! ha. Sort of a long story but anyway my account seems to be under a name that Sandra entered when she was teaching me how to create an email account!hah. She chose the name from a favorite book of hers that she had recently read, and I decided to keep the account because I liked the clever name!