Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Words That I Want to Define Me

This weekend at Men's Conference Monty Hipp challenged us to let the right words shape who we are as men. Words can damage us, can discourage us and even keep us back from our God given destiny. I remember the story about the two men who were sitting at dinner, and the one guy began to push all of his beans to the opposite side of the plate. His friend asked him why he did that. At first he just gave no explanation. His friend asked him again and finally the other man said that his Father always told him that he would never amount to a hill of beans! What you need to know about this man is that he is a professional in his field and has many credits to his name. Yet the words that his father spoke over him when he was a young man were still shaping his destiny. Let me ask you a question, what words do you want to shape your destiny?

Here are the three words that I want to shape my God given destiny.

  • Faithful: I want to be faithful to God who has called me, and my family who loves me.

  • Honest: I want to be a man that does the right thing, even when the wrong thing would be more advantageous.

  • Relational: I want people to know that they are more important than programs or positions. I want to ask the question, "how will this affect the people around me?"
These are the words that I want to define me, how about you. Let me challenge you to think about three words that you want to be true of you.

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