Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fruit from ATF

I was pondering the good things that have come about from the ministry of Teen Mania. I have come to a conclusion that since we have been taking young people to ATF, it is the most life changing event we have been a part of. Here are a few reasons why I believe this is so.
  • The main emphasis behind the ATF is young people surrendering their life to Christ
  • The preaching of the Gospel has never been compromised in all the years we have been to the events.
  • The young people are challenged to allow Christ to change their lives, and then become disciples of the Lord.
  • The coalition of the ATF staff, Youth Pastors, Senior Pastors and Parents understand that the most important thing is for their young person to have an encounter with Christ.
In my years as a Youth Pastor in Hermiston Oregon I was privileged to be a part of "One Voice". "One Voice" was a class taught by Youth Pastors in Hermiston to those students who signed up for this religious release. Some of the greatest relationships have come from these times. I ran into one of the students this weekend. He was an intern for Campus Life and was searching for God's will in His life. Today he is newly married, a Youth Pastor for 6 years in LaGrande Oregon and him and his wife are expecting their first baby. It was such a pleasant suprise to see a student who years before I was able to impact.

What is the greatest fruit of any event? The life change that continues long after the event.

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