Monday, October 5, 2009

Missional: Taking Christ to the Marketplace

My journey/education experience at Gonzaga has been eye opening to say the least. I have just completed my third weekend of classes, and I love it! It has been since 1993 that I have been in school so, needless to say I have had to "reboot" so to speak. After the initial feeling of being overwhelmed, I have been able to settle down and enjoy the journey. Let me tell you why.

In all of the publications that are church related the buzz word is missional. I understand that we need to be about the mission of God, and how we do that will be different in every situation. But I have been given an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other students. Since Gonzaga is a diverse setting, no one is rejected based on their beliefs. This is a two edged sword, there are those who are totally godless, and then those who are seeking for truth. It kind of reminds me of the U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" The other side of this is that when I am asked how I perceive truth I can say that truth is absolute and is found in the person of Jesus Christ. How cool is that? Let me give you an example of the opportunities I have been afforded.

There is a student who is on one of my classes that has had a messed up life. This student is not a happy person, and if you knew their background you would understand why. Anyway, the other day this student said "I want to know God, but I don't know how." I was totally blown away. Here is the good thing I will get to live out my witness before this student. God is so good.

Can I challenge you to take the word missional and apply it to your situation? It is not only for Pastors, etc. it is a word for the Body of Christ to embrace. So go to your job and live out your faith knowing that others are watching. Let's take Christ to the marketplace, and not leave Him at church.

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