Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Long O Lord?

I was on the phone with my brother yesterday, and I found out that yet another thing has hit his family.

My brother is a godly man who has been through it this last year. Just to share a few things with you. He had a job that his supervisor tried to make him quit by the way he treated him, he was promised a better position at this same company only to be told that he would not get the position. He has been injured on the job, he has been lied about and physically pushed on the job. And that is just at work.

He finally found a good church to take his family only to see the church close and no place to call as his home church. I just found out that his wife had been fired because of false accusations. The only question I have is how much more can he take? He just came through a debilitating bout with a physical illness resulting from stress. Yet, my brother refuses to give up.
Here is the secret to enduring difficult times, know they will end. That's it, nothing earth shattering; just know that they will end.

God did not allow us to go through tough times for no reason, He has a plan for all that He does. I may not know the plan, but at this moment God's plan for my brother is on target. Is it easy for me to say this because it is not me, yes it is. Here is the truth, God will not forget those who have put Him first in their lives. It is said that many people are waiting for their ship to come in. Sometimes the heaviest ships are the slowest ships to come into port.

For those who are suffering, God has not forgotten you, He is testing you and He knows that you will come through this test as the victor. So how long o Lord? Until we look more and more like Jesus.

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