Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have you stopped to think for just a minute what it would like to be homeless? No house to call your own, no car, just what you have on your back. This would pretty well devastate most of us including me. But, wait a minute. We are homeless.

Isn't it true that this world is not our final resting place? Also if that is case then it would mean that the house or car or clothes or any other possession that you "own" is just on loan. That changes things doesn't it? What if we lived a live that we so focused on this fact, that we are not staying long? How would that change how we lived our lives?

Today I have been having a Rich Mullins marathon as I have been watching all of his videos and listening to his music. He really seemed to be focused on what was really important. I want to be a man like that. I want to be a homeless man.

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  1. Thanks for blessing me with this song today. It is good to put our "things" in to perspective. "Living Simply" is an important part of being a missionary. It is good for me to remember the "why we live simply" - simply because this is not our home.