Saturday, October 24, 2009

We Can't See What God is Really Doing

Have you ever thought how Samuel in the Bible must have felt? We all now how God used Samuel mightily and how great things were ahead for him and his family. But we read in the Bible how that Samuel's sons were not living a godly lifestyle, and furthermore that the people didn't want him to rule over them anymore. The people of Israel wanted a king, just like the other nations. Samuel warned them about the dangers of having a king but they still wanted a king.

God told Samuel that they were not rejecting him but they were rejecting God's leadership on their lives. So God led him to Saul, and he became the first king of Israel. Saul started out well but ended very badly. But look a little further and we see a tiny shepherd boy who has probably been passed over before, this time God will use Samuel to bring about God's plan in David's life.

Here's the point. If we only look at our immediate situation we will miss what God is really doing. Samuel believed that God would bring about greatness through his sons. Nope. Maybe it was through King Saul? Wrong again. God was preparing things for the arrival of David who would become not the first king of Israel but definitely the greatest king of Israel.

Where are you today? Are you struggling with seeing what God is doing? Do you still believe that He has a plan for your life? Then be faithful, and you never know who God will bring into your life.

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