Sunday, September 27, 2009

Your Family: Your Choice

I was reminded of how much pressure we live with in America. A Pastor friend of mine who is 47 just had a major heart attack! Wow! How does that happen? Answer: stress. I am concerned that we Pastors think we have to "save" the church. Is that really our calling? Aren't we supposed to support the work of the ministry and love those who are ministering? I think we have come to believe that we are the ones keeping the church afloat. I remember Jesus saying "I will build my church.." If it is His church then maybe we should remember that He is in control. Let me share this with you.

As Pastors there is a pressure all about us to take care of everyone around us, and by doing this neglect our family. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. The most important member of your church Pastor is your spouse
2. The most important children of the church are your children
3. If you take care of your family, you will have a rich ministry
4. Finally, if it comes down to "saving" the church or taking care of your family; opt for taking care of your family.

Let me say that I am not advocating neglecting our duties as Pastor, I am advocating prioritizing our lives. You will always be glad that you put your family first.

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