Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I checked into my hotel here in Louisville, I was very tired. I was not mindful that I had forgotten my confirmation number for my hotel. I thought if I gave the desk clerk my name he would be able to pull up my reservation. Well, 30 minutes later they still couldn't find my reservation. At this point I had a choice, I could have gotten upset or I could just be patient. I decided to be patient, and that was the right choice.

The desk clerk was very kind, and went above and beyond to provide the highest customer service. Finally he said that he found my reservation and since I was waiting patiently he would upgrade my room to the Consierge Lounge. This would mean a bigger room and a lot of extra amenities. So what is my point?

Here is the point, there is a reward for being patient. Being patient won't always get you a room upgrade, but someday you will receive your reward in Heaven.

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