Sunday, July 19, 2009

God is Great and God is Good

I was with my sister for church this morning. I have to admit it is nice to walk into a church and not worry about who is doing what. As a Pastor I still miss being home with the greatest group of people who want to see God do something in Warden. Service was good, but was not what I . expected.

My sister's church is participating in the "One Prayer" program. Stephen Furtick was our speaker via satellite. Maybe I am old fashioned but I had to overcome the "watching the video screen" mentality. Once I got past that, I really started to listen to the speaker. He really preached a simple but powerful message. Here is the point of his message.

God is great (he's powerful) but He is good (He has great intentions of good towards me)

So what do you need? He is great and He is good!

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