Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today my wife and I were getting excited about planning our vacation later this month. What is it about this that is exciting? It is a departure from the hum drum, and something to look forward to. Vacation means a lot to me, the one word that comes to mind is people.

Yes, people. Think about it what do you hope to do when you go on vacation? You hope to create memories that will last a life time. I still remember some of the times that our family went on vacation. We had rented a car( four door 70's Chevy Impala) that had cold air conditioned and we were going to the beach.

My Dad didn't enjoy fishing but he did enjoy crabbing. We would buy bloody raw chicken and tie it on the bottom of the collapsible crab trap. Then cast the trap and wait a few minutes, and voila dinner! I didn't care so much for the crab meat as I do now as an adult. I just enjoyed being with the strongest man in the world, my Dad.

My Dad didn't know how to relate sometimes but he really tried hard. It was on vacation that I saw a different side of my Dad. He was the best swimmer that I knew, and I remember as a little boy him holding me in his arms as we would wade into the ocean. His strong arms made me feel safe, but I was afraid that the waves would knock us both over. Now as a Father I try to hold my children and make them feel as safe as I did in my Father's arms. Those are some of the best memories of vacation that I have. Vacation here on Earth is kind of like Heaven, let me explain.

We are looking forward to seeing the people that we have not seen in a long time, and we will get to spend some good times with them. I miss my Dad, and I will have some catching up with him as we are both in Heaven. I wonder if there are beaches in Heaven, look for me I will be with my Father trying to catch some crabs

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