Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tough Decision Part One

Yesterday I talked about how important it is to spend time with our families. In this fast pace world that we live in, it is easy to get our priorities out of whack. Let me share with you about a time when our family time was non-existent. This will be a two part post, here is the first part.

It was my first position as Senior Pastor. I was excited and I wanted to do a good job. Things were going well, and we were adjusting well to our new surroundings. Things continued to go this way for about 6 months and then all of sudden (or so it seems) things changed. We were averaging about 40-50 people on any given Sunday, and then the Sunday after I was installed as the Pastor of the church we saw a sharp decline in our attendance. I thought this would be temporary, but this was only the beginning of major change.

When we left our previous church we were basically out of debt. Little by little we realized that we were tapping into our savings account to pay our monthly bills. Pretty soon our savings was gone and the church then told us that could not pay us what they had promised. Then we had a decision to make, do I get a part time job or what do I do? I will continue this post tomorrow.

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