Friday, June 5, 2009

A Great Testimony

I just found out last night that my Uncle has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They are giving him 3 months to a year to live. I was not expecting to hear that news. I began to think about how God has been good to our family. Let me explain.

My Uncle my Dad's youngest brother has always been a go getter and a very hard worker. He served time in the military and he worked on airplanes as a mechanic. He is one of the toughest men I ever met, yet very kind. I have always said that he is the only man that could ever call me "babe". That was his way, he would say to family "hey babe." For years he never attended church and I didn't know if he was a Christian or not. Let me stop and say how much I love my Uncle, especially during the times we didn't know where he stood with the Lord. I was just always concerned about his walk with the Lord. Fast forward many years and now I am in Bible College and I start to notice that God is softening his heart, and he is open to going to church again. Several more years later and I realize that my Uncle has a made a fresh commitment to the Lord! I wish I could tell you that from then on his life was without problems but you know that's not the truth. It seemed since that time his problems increased but now he was able to cast his cares on the Lord.

Since I live far away from my Uncle I have always made it a priority to go and see him whenever I am in town. This last time that I saw my Uncle was a special time. He and my Aunt were getting ready to leave work and go home and we just caught them before they left for the night. My family and I ended up spending about an hour just talking and having a good time, and you know this was a God thing because that is how I would like to remember him.

Right now he is at home and they are keeping him "comfortable" with medication. When I think of his life I see that God is willing that not none should perish but that all should come to repentance. God was so patient with my Uncle, and now he is ready to meet his Lord, I know that my Dad will be glad to see him when the time comes. I am just so glad that his life is a living testimony of a changed life.

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