Monday, June 22, 2009

Fences or Bridges?

There is a story about two brothers who owned property right next to each other. Things were going well until one of the brothers allowed his livestock to graze on his property. So he decided to talk to his brother, and after he talked to him the other brother promised that this wouldn't happen again. But, guess what it did happen! The other brother had it, he was going to do something about this, once and for all!

He hired a carpenter and told him that he wanted to put a fence between the two properties so that this wouldn't happen again. The carpenter told him he knew exactly what he needed. The carpenter was very skilled at his craft, and he worked very diligently. But the brothers didn't pay any mind to him , and left him to his work.

One day the carpenter announced to the brother that hired him that he was finished. And there it was the most beautiful bridge you had ever seen! Just at that moment the other brother joined the carpenter and his brother on the bridge. The other brother exclaimed to his brother that he didn't know that he cared so much to welcome him to his property! The brother didn't know what to say, but he asked his brother to forgive him for his attitude towards him. They both turned to thank the carpenter, but he said that he other bridges to build!

What are building today bridges or fences?

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