Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are getting ready for the Acquire the Fire conference in Seattle starting on Friday. What you may ask is ATF? It is a youth conference that is geared to deal with the issues of this generation. The founder and president of Teen Mania Ministries is Ron Luce. You may be familiar with him as the author of "Battlecry for a Generation", or may other books he has written over the years. Ron and Teen Mania Ministries has a passion to reach teens with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and challenge them to spend time overseas on a missions trip before they graduate from High School.

I have taken young people to this non-denominational event since 1994, and I have only missed two years. This is by far the most life changing event we have been privileged to attend.

So if you are looking for a life changing event for the students I encourage you to attend the ATF near you. For more information go to

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