Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Over My Head

Recently, I have realized that I am in over my head. Have you ever thought "I could be here 24 hours a day." It seems that the more I get done, the more that there is to do. My to do list seems as though it multiplies every week. The problem with success is that it is never static. If I preach a great message this week, the question is "what will I do next Sunday?" My life is probably like your life. Trying to balance family time with ministry. Knowing when to say no, and when to say yes. Life is full of challenges.

My wife and I have begun to walk and pray together in the mornings. This is normally "my time", but I have found that it can be "our time". My prayer life is better than it has been, and I feel closer to my wife. When I explain to my wife how much I have to do she helps me focus on the important more than the urgent. I am also in my overhead because I am doing things that I have never done before! Let me give you a list

  • I am the Father of four children (no instruction manual was given with the children)
  • I am a husband (I have somewhat overcome my selfish nature)
  • I am a Pastor (My Dad or his Dad were hard working men, not saints)
  • I have achieved two Masters Degrees (In High School I didn't apply myself)
  • I have applied to a Graduate School (I like to read books, but can I write one?)
  • I don't have any good ideas (that work anyway) about how to make a church grow
In the previous list those are things that scared me before I took on those challenges. Now as I look back I realize that these things are not so overwhelming.

Maybe it is good to be in over your head. I mean we are all doing things that are challenging, and at the same time very rewarding. My life and your life would be boring without these challenges. A thought for today: Being in over your head is okay, as long as you know who to call when it becomes too much for you.

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