Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Things First

I apologize for not posting sooner but I have been out of town for our Annual Conference. I was pretty tired from preaching my heart out Sunday morning. Then I took my wife out for her birthday dinner, and some clothes shopping. We had a great time, and enjoyed ourselves Sunday. Then Monday we got the kids ready for school, and packed for our trip to Pasco. Well here it is Tuesday, and I just now got connected to the internet in my hotel.

Here's the thought for the day. What if we really prioritized our walk with the Lord? I mean that first thing in the morning we immediately entered our prayer closet and we were not distracted by one other thing? I have a tendency to get distracted during my quiet time. I check my e-mail, update my profile, and then I "pray while I am working." This is not as effective as just devoting time to exclusively worshipping the Lord. I thought I would try this Sunday.

I walked into the sanctuary and even though my message was not complete I chose to "drink from the fountain" first. Guess what, everything else fell into place. I am going to make this my habit. How about you?

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