Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Mephibosheths?

You probably are familiar with the famous Mephibosheth that was the son of Jonathan. He was the son who was lame in his legs because his nurse dropped him as she was fleeing after the news of the death of King Saul and Jonathan. He was shown kindness by King David because of the covenant he made with Jonathan. David spared Mephibosheth. But there was another man by the name of Mephibosheth.

He was the son of Rizpah (Saul's mistress) and he was not spared from death. He was executed along with six other sons of Saul because of Saul's rash violent killing spree against the Gibeonites. Now stay with me. Here is the point.

There were two "sons" by the same name, but only one received pardon and was spared execution, why?
  • The 1st Mephibosheth was covered by a covenant, the other one was not.
  • The 1st Mephibosheth was seeking favor, the other one was not.
  • The 1st Mephibosheth was aware of his guilt, the other one was not.
Today be like the man who found the favor of the king, and was aware of his sin. Come to the Lord today to seek the grace that He extends.

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