Monday, December 28, 2009

Heaven on Earth

Right now we are in the middle of what I will call a "death watch" for a man in our community. He is a believer and we know that he is ready to meet his Lord. The hardest part is we don't know when he is going to die, and it is hard watching somebody die. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever watched a loved one waste away and die?

It is difficult and as Pastor I have never gotten used to praying for those who need healing only to have to preach their funeral weeks or months later. Death is not something that I look forward to, but something in which I have made my plans accordingly. Sometimes in the midst of death we encounter heaven on earth. This happened recently.

We were all around the bed of this dear man and we began to sing songs of praise to the Lord when all of sudden the presence of the Lord filled the room. Wait, this should be a sad time, right? No, not when you know the Lord and you enjoy His presence.

Let me challenge you today to enjoy the presence of the Lord today, don't wait until people are gathered around you on your "death watch."

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