Thursday, December 17, 2009

Speech 101

There is some great advice in the Bible about relationships. It goes like this:

1. Be quick to listen.
2. Be slow to speak.
3. Be slow to become angry.

Isn't it interesting that we could save ourselves so much grief if we would just follow these guidelines? Think about a time where it might have saved a relationship.

I would like to challenge you to really listen to the person that is closest to you. It may be your spouse or maybe a family member. Just a note for us guys, put the remote down and turn the TV off!

Try this next time someone is talking, only talk if you have something that could add to the person you are speaking with. Resist the temptation to tell all that there is to know about you. Think before you speak.

This last one is tough. Try this, count to 10 before you get angry. It is a good way believed to give you time to pause and reflect and not react to what just happened. Gotta tell you I have been trying to do this more often lately.

Live your life without regrets and without words that you wish you could take back.

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