Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Is In a Name??

I just finished my message for Sunday. I am speaking from the 16th chapter of Romans. If you are familiar with the chapter you know that Paul takes 16 verses and greets his friends. First, that is a lot of friends, and secondly why would he take up precious time in his book to address his friends? I think I have a better idea about this after reading voluminous amounts on this chapter. Here are my thoughts.
  • The Bible is filled with ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God
  • This was a personal letter as well as a letter to us
  • We can see ourselves in each one of these people
These people were those who had accepted the good news about Jesus Christ and then did something about it! They risked their lives, they labored for the church, they ended up giving up their lives for Jesus in martyrdom.

What about you? What would be said of you and you are gone? Would your name make it in some one's book? What we do on this Earth will not be eternal, but the things done in the name of Christ will last for all eternity.

It matters not if your name is any book here on Earth, but it does matter if it is in the Lamb's Book of Life. Make sure your name is in the book!!!

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  1. Amen... recently as I finished Corinthians I was taken by the same thought... even more important is the name of a guy and the statement that he was the first believer in Asia... the first of a whole region in the world! What about the first in a family or in your company or ?? God has a plan for us ordinary folks, it is an extra ordinary plan that requires His extra ordinary empowerment!