Monday, September 14, 2009

Childlike Innocence

The other day we were passing through town, and my son said "Dad that's a body shop, should we pray that God shuts it down?" I responded "No son that is a car body shop, not a PEOPLE body shop." I guess I need to tell you why he responded the way he did.

We have made it our practice when passing Adult bookstores or the like to pray and ask Jesus to save those people and shut that place down. My kids know how to pray passionately when we pass these places. So when my son saw the sign for "body shop" he was thinking this was one of these other places that we pray for God to shut down. Isn't innocence wonderful?

The Bible says in Romans 16:19 that we should be excellent in what is good, and be innocent of evil. How nice it would be to see things through the eyes of childlike innocence.

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