Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been a few days since I last posted, why? Because I didn't have anything to say. Sure, I could have come up with something. The question is would you be alright with that? Okay, here we go.

I have noticed that since it has been a few years since my Masters Degree, I am not in shape for studying! LOL! I forgot (read, chose not to remember) that you actually had to plan ahead in order to get your "homework" done. Planning is a huge help to avoid the last minute cramming of whatever it is you were supposed to do two weeks ago. I have burned the midnight oil a few times this last week, then I wondered why? So today I have laid out a schedule where I will spend two hours a day studying. This is of course a noble attempt to avoid procrastinating. Just kidding. Really I can't afford to procrastinate when my plate is pretty full, and neither can you.

Planning is boring, it even sounds boring. Planning is not spectacular, but it allows us to break big things down into smaller more palatable pieces. Let's talk practical for a moment.

We have no idea when Jesus is coming back to earth again, but we must plan to be ready. How? By staying ready until quitting time. I mean we can make our plans, but only God knows whether we will accomplish them on our schedule.

Let me challenge you today to make your plans, but ask God to help you line up your plans with His will.

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