Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was thinking today about how doing the right thing for the right reason is the right thing to do. Did you catch that? Okay, let's put it another way. Faithfulness has its own reward.

My son is very sensitive towards people that are having life controlling problems. He was telling me what his friend said about men who are unfaithful to their wives. His friend told him it was pretty common. My son asked me if there was something that would happen to these men. I told him that the Bible says that this is like playing with fire, and that these people would get burned. He didn't quite understand, so I explained it this way. I asked him "what would happen if Daddy was to take hot charcoal embers from the grill and put them in my jacket?" He said "it would be hot?" I said I would get burned. I then told him about the man that sleeps with his neighbor's wife is like the man who is putting hot coals inside of his jacket. This man will be burned.

Faithfulness doesn't get much press. You do the same thing over and over. You cut the grass, take out the trash, and even do the dishes. Then you go to sleep and do it over again the next day. No medal of honor here. But here is what we need to hear. God is speaking to your family as you are faithful to do the things that you always do. God is keeping record and He will reward you for your faithfulness.

So for the guys that are doing the "same old thing." Keep doing it, and refuse to listen to the siren voices of the world that are telling you to break free and enjoy life. God has a life prepared for those of us who love Him, those who are faithful.

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