Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Message of Hope

I have been thinking about this one thing. What happens to those who were once in the ministry, and through no fault of their own are no longer in the ministry? Where do they go, what do they do? I am forced to admit then I have been guilty of writing off those who have failed. Oh, not that I don't care; but it hurts too much to think about what has happened to friends and ministry partners. There is no easy answer to my questions, but might I suggest a course of action?

If someone has fallen, let us restore them in an attitude of meekness. Please understand that restoration does not always mean a return to ministry as usual. It is not my job to pass the ultimate judgment on those who have fallen, but it is my job to love and pray for those who are needing hope.

I want to challenge you today to reach out and "help" those who have been forgotten. It is the job of the Body of Christ to heal the hurts of those who are wounded.

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