Thursday, January 29, 2009

Community Involvement

I am the Co-Chair of the Warden Community Coalition. We are funded by a grant that is given to communities that face a huge underage drinking problem. Our average of underage drinking is higher than the state average. We know that in order to reduce under age drinking we must surround ourselves with people in the community to address all areas of the problem. This is our third year and we are finally implementing some of the things that we have planned. Let me talk to you for a moment about why I am involved with this group.

1. I was asked: in a small community every person is considered a good neighbor who can help in the community.

2. I am passionate about preventing under age drinking. My Dad was an alcoholic and it started when he was young.

3. My children's future: I am paving a way for them to have a better environment to grow up in.

4. Finally, I have an opportunity to meet people that I would not otherwise. I have friends because of the Coalition that have trusted me , and maybe someday they will trust Christ with their life.

In a small town, they only way to make an impact is with contact. We are trying to make contact with others in our community. What are you doing in your neighborhood?

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