Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel and Hamas.

Is it just me or are you tired of everyone asking Israel to agree to a cease fire when they are trying to defend themselves? Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel and then Israel decides to fight back. So, now it is Israel who should agree to a cease fire? Israel did not start this fighting but they will not stand around and allow Hamas to continue to kill their citizens.
Israel should have never given up the land that Hamas now occupies. Hamas has exploited the weakness of the Olmert government in order to attack Israel within her borders. It is the belief of this author that Hamas wants to expel Israel from the land that is rightfully hers. Hamas will not be satisfied with more of the West Bank, they will not be satisfied until Israel is driven into the sea.
If there is to be a cease fire, it is only to re-arm the terrorists. I was watching the news and noticed that Israel has allowed supplies to be brought into Gaza. How do we know that there aren't munitions among the bread? We don't. The thing to keep in mind is that Hamas (under Muslim law) is not obligated to honor a cease fire. They don't keep promises to infidels. If we know this, then why the international pressure on Israel to let up?
This is what I believe Israel should do. They should not let up on the fighting, and they should not agree to a cease fire, knowing that the other side will not honor this agreement. They should destroy Hamas' base of operations and send the terrorists a message, "we will fight back and we will drive you out of our land." I also think that the tunnel from Gaza to Egypt should be destroyed, as this is another way for the terrorists to re-arm. It is truly hypocritical of Egypt to host talks about a cease fire when they are allowing terrorists to come and go as they please.
It is time to take the gloves off and ignore the international pressure from the world.
Israel defend your land, because I would do the same thing if these same forces came to America. Please know that our government is not representative of how us Americans feel. Our President and Congress have to save face and please almost the whole global community. I don't, I am one blogger in the blogosphere and I want you to know that you have my support.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts, John.

    However, I am always a little perplexed when Christian pastors like yourself serve as cheerleaders for the country of Israel. While the current, punitive military actions of Israel are comprehensible—what any country would likely do and what countries have been doing since the time of Lamech—I have a hard time understanding how we who are called to be peacemakers (Matt.5:9) can support it. The way I see it, our vocation as the church is to testify to the God of love (1 John 4:7), the God who takes no pleasure in the death of anyone (Ezekiel 18:32). This same God came preaching peace in Christ (Acts 10:36, Eph.2). If we bless and approve of the killing and dismemberment of Palestinian men, women, and children, will we be able to live out our vocation?

    We should keep in mind Ezekiel 47:21-23. There will be non-Israelites settled in the Promised Land, and God expects that they will be treated fairly. If any biblical prophecy applies to the modern nation state of Israel, this one surely does.



  2. Brad,
    Israel is my heritage. Israel has done nothing but tried to defend herself, and everyone who blesses them will be blessed (Gen 12). We must stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters and realize that we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122), but acknowledge that there are forces that are poised to wipe Israel off the map. Our news media is Pro- Palestinian,and doesn't mind carving up the Promise Land. Some suggested reading for you "The Fight for Jerusalem" by Dore Gold.
    Incidentally I have some Jewish heritage in my ancestry.Peace sometimes is enforced with military action. The same Jesus who taught peace, overturned the money changers tables. The same Jesus that talked about turning the other cheek rebuked the Pharisees and religious leaders. The same Jesus that spoke about mercy is pictured in Revelation 19 with a sword coming out of His mouth, and His robe is dipped in blood.
    Let's not overemphasize His preaching of peace without including those passages.