Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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I have not posted for a few days, but I am back from my hiatus. Please forgive me as I have been in so many meetings and conference calls that my head is swimming. This is the time of year that is busiest for me as I prepare for our Annual Meeting. So here is my post for the day.

The power of prayer has always amazed me. Take for instance I was speaking today to a missionary who is getting ready to go on the field. He and his family were in a church in the Spokane area and they had a lady tell them about the power of prayer. The lady mentioned that the Lord will give her the name and a location of a missionary somewhere in the world. This lady will pray and not even know this person.She said that the Lord had impressed upon her heart to pray for a man by the name of Jonathan, and that he was in India. When she related this to my missionary friend he said that he knew a man by that name and knew that he was in India. He also related that this missionary was in the same commissioning group as he and his family. It turns out that the lady was praying (and had been praying for 2 months) for a missionary who was right in the middle of all the violence that was taking place in North India.

There is someone right now who is praying for you. You may not know them, and they may not know you; but prayer is being offered up to Heaven for you right now. How awesome to think that God loves you so much that He knows your name, and He has shared your name with another person so that they might pray for you. This is why we consider prayer a powerful weapon. May God lead you in your prayers, because someone is depending on you.

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