Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Beginning

Today was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. In many ways it was a historic moment, as Barack Obama is the first African American President. I say congratulations to Mr. Obama for a job well done. But I have some reservations about President Obama, they are as follows:

First, Mr Obama has promised to enact the Freedom of Choice Act which will increase the number and scope of abortions in America. This legislation will undo all the good things that have been done in defending the unborn. I am pro-life and I am glad my mother was as well, and I have a hard time believing that President Obama wants to destroy human life. However; as our President stated many times that he believes this to be a woman's choice. Nevermind the fact that Planned Parenthood has exploited a woman's choice to line their pockets and destroy the destiny of countless millions of people. Abortion is hot topic, because it is wrong to kill the unborn for whatever reason that is given. With that said I believe that the flood gates could be open for an all out war on the unborn. I believe Mr. Obama should rethink his position.

Secondly, Mr. Obama has made many promises that I am not sure that he can keep. You know the old joke, "when is a politician lying? When his lips are moving." Mr. Obama has taken the position to try to please everyone and will find that in the end he will please no one. His position is reminiscient of Neville Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of England during the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. He tried to appease a tyrant, and all he did was expose England to the vicious attack of the Third Reich. He was quoted as saying "peace in our time." We all know that Hitler went on a rampage to conquer and destroy after signing the peace agreement with Mr. Chamberlain. It is kind of like that children's story, "if you give a mouse a cookie, then he will some want some milk." Mr. Obama can't afford to appease the dictators of the world and believe that they will be satisfied with concessions. This President will be tested by Iran, Pakistan, Hamas, and others how will he respond? Only time will tell.

This is truly a new beginning, it is time for Christians everywhere to pray for our President and our Vice President. This could be the beginning of a prayer movement that will affect the destiny of America for time to come. Congratulations Mr. Obama you are in our prayers.

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  1. Someone once told me that they had no problem with abortion, you know the whole 'a woman's right to choose'. I always tell them, 'Yo mama was pro life'!

    To quote my friend Natashia, "Everyone who supported slavery was free, everyone who supports abortion was born, that's the way oppression works".

    Deut. 30:19
    I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you on this day that I set before you life and death, blessings and curses, now choose life so that you and your children may live!