Monday, February 2, 2009

Did You See the Same Game I Did?

This post is light-hearted and comes from someone who is upset about last night's game.

I was rooting for Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. But did you notice how often the referee called fouls and penalties against Arizona? It seemed as though the referee was a bit partial to allowing the Pittsburgh Steelers to win once again. There was good playing on both sides of the scrimmage line, but the one player who should have been ejected was #92 Harrison. The cheap shots and late hits were never seen by the officials, why not? It would have been difficult to play around such a bully as Harrison. I still think that the Cardinals should ask the NFL to fine Harrison for excessive force. Come on Mr. Harrison this is football not a "Dirty Harry" movie.
Well, my ranting and raving is done for this year's contest. I am glad that Kurt Warner and team had a great season and that they went out taking the Cardinals to a Super Bowl. It has been a long time since that happened. A lot of speculation about Kurt Warner's retirement, my advice to Kurt. If you retire, don't come back. Until next time this is John Harper.

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