Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Proof of Pentecost

Yesterday I told you about what has been happening during the revival with David Woods. Let me share what God did last night. There was a man who had his ears unstopped, and had his rotor cuff healed. There were multiple (10-15) young people filled with the Holy Spirit, and there was a Pastor friend of mine who said "he felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit." Many words of knowledge were given by the Holy Spirit giving confirmation to the people who received those words. I could go on the Word preached was followed by signs and wonders. But here is the question, what do we do about those who are not open to these things?

I am intelligent enough to know that there are people who are not open to the things that we are experiencing in our church. The proof that we are spirit filled is how we will handle this opposition.
It is easy to write people off that say that they are not in agreement with these things, but it is better to listen to them. Stephen Covey talks about "first seeking to understand, then to be understood." I think this is excellent advice to those of us that consider ourselves to be Pentecostals. We must love those who don't understand or agree with our doctrinal position on the Holy Spirit. I believe that no amount of debate will convince others to see things our way, the only thing that will convince them is when we love them even when we don't agree with them.

Here is your challenge, don't just talk about being spirit filled; live like you are spirit filled!

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