Friday, January 1, 2010

Mansions and Memories

Today is the viewing of the Christian man in our community. It is also the first day of 2010. I am sure none of the family thought they would be spending January 1st honoring the memory of their loved one. The man whom we are remembering was a Christian and he has made it home before me. He is not in that casket, that was just the house he lived in. Interesting side note, in the Hispanic culture the family will have somebody at the place where the body is in residence. Tonight there will be some folks sleeping in our church, I am glad that they feel comfortable in the House of the Lord.

In preparation for tomorrow's funeral service I have been drawn to John 14:1-6 where Jesus gives the promise about the place that He has prepared for those that belong to Him. Let me share with some thoughts concerning this passage.

  • The place God has prepared is a place of peace
  • The place that God has prepared is for those who have prepared themselves.
If you are planning on spending an eternity in Heaven, have you purchased your ticket?

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