Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been dealing with a problem with our kitchen sink. Our sink is backing up every time the dishwasher is on. Yuck! We have a plumber there today, and he is trying to fix the problem. It got me to thinking that sometimes in life things "back up" on us and we are surprised as to what was causing the problem. Let me share with you about getting rid of clogs.

1. Make sure you confess your sins daily (no matter how big or small)
2. Don't be afraid of dealing with a mess. (be honest about your faults)
3. Make sure you take precaution against clogs. (forgive freely and love lavishly)

Clogs happen because we aren't mindful of what we put "down the drain." Let's be careful about what goes in. Who knows with a little precaution, maybe you won't need to deal with clogs.

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