Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fruit From a Funeral

As a Pastor a great deal of my time is spent praying with people or for people, so I am no stranger to prayer. I am always amazed when God allows me to be a part of something great. Let me explain.

The beginning of this month I preached a salvation message at a funeral, and there were people there that were moved by God's Spirit. I never know what the Lord is doing until some time later. Apparently there was a lady in the audience that was ready to make a change in her life. This lady has a sister that goes to our church. They asked me if I would go and pray for her house, because there were some weird things happening. I agreed, and yesterday as we talked and before we prayed I ask this lady if she would like to become a Christian and have Jesus take control of her life. She said yes. All I can say is that I live for those moments, and in those times I realize that all the troubles and trials I went through were worth it to see one person become a follower of Christ.

Today, don't neglect planting the seed of the Gospel in someone's heart. You never know where you will see the fruit.

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