Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Price of Greed

The other day I read the account of Elisha and Naaman. I sure you remember the story. Naaman is healed of leprosy and offers to "pay" for his healing. Elisha refuses, but Gehazi sees a chance to get something. The only thing that Gehazi ended up with was the result of greed: a curse. Read the account below.

(2Ki 5:25) Gehazi went in and stood in front of Elisha, who asked, "Gehazi, where have you been?" "Nowhere, sir," Gehazi answered.

(2Ki 5:26) Elisha asked, "Don't you know that my spirit was there when Naaman got out of his chariot to talk with you? Gehazi, you have no right to accept money or clothes, olive orchards or vineyards, sheep or cattle, or servants.

(2Ki 5:27) Because of what you've done, Naaman's leprosy will now be on you and your descendants forever!" Suddenly, Gehazi's skin became white with leprosy, and he left.

Let me share with you a few cautions:

1. God is always watching.

2. We have no right to take credit for something God has done.

3. We must not take what God has not given to us.

Are you tempted to "take advantage" of a good situation? Is it worth the price you will pay? Do the right thing especially if it is the hard thing.

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