Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Burn Your Bridges

Tonight I am the speaker at Hermiston Assembly of God. They are having their annual Valentine's Banquet. I have been asked to speak by Pastor Terry Haight who happens to be my good friend. Most of you know that I worked for Pastor Terry as his Associate Pastor for 5 years. It is quite an honor to come back and be the guest speaker. There is one reason I was asked to do this.

I didn't burn my bridges. I mean that when I left Hermiston I honored the Pastor and Staff and I believed that God blessed that on my part. As a matter of fact whenever we are at Hermiston A/G the Pastor has asked me to pray in the service. You know I don't take this lightly as I understand the kind of trust that he has placed in me. I have an open invitation to wherever I have been, why? Because I left with God's blessing on my life.

Maybe you have not had this experience, it's never too late to make things right. I encourage you to make things right, and you too will experience the blessing of God on your life.

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