Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not A Wasted Trip

In Acts 8 we once again see the moving of the Spirit as He uses men and women of God to proclaim His message. Philip was in Samaria as God was performing many signs and wonders. Then the Spirit of the Lord told him to go along the road that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza. So he did, then the Spirit of the Lord told him to catch up with the chariot and driver. Then he saw a man from the court of Candice in Ethiopia as he was reading the scroll of Isaiah 53. Then Philip answered his questions and shared with him the good news. The man immediately saw water on the side of the road and asked to be baptized, and he was baptized and came out of the water just as the Spirit of the Lord whisked Philip away. It is important to understand where the man from Ethiopia had just come from. He came from Jerusalem as Dr. George O. Wood believes he was frustrated because he could not get into the temple to worship the Lord. He probably felt as though the 500 miles he came to Jerusalem was a wasted trip, but it was not. God met him right where he was at.

Maybe today you don't understand the hindrances and roadblocks in your way. Maybe you think it is a wasted trip, let me encourage you God knows where you are at presently. He will meet with you if you only ask. So enjoy the journey, and welcome those unexpected interruptions.

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